Fastest Time To Recite The Liverpool F.C. Premier League Squad 2011-2012

England Paul (Pabs) Melia

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Bootle, Liverpool , England / November 24, 2011

Paul (Pabs) Melia named the Liverpool F.C. Premier League squad 2011-2012 in 14.81 seconds.

- must be official Premier League Squad for 2011-2012 season
- must state last name and number for every player based on
- may read off list
- must provide video evidence


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  • Philippines MaAnn Pacion

    MaAnn Pacion

    Paul, it is you who put the rules that last names of the players must be mentioned. "Maxi" and "Lucas" were their nicknames. Maximiliano Rubén "Maxi" Rodríguez and Lucas Pezzini-Leiva were their real names if you do extensive research. I hope to make it clear to you that the moderation team is not only relying on one source but we do extensive researches and we are just abiding by the rules you set. However, since you are the record creator, we will modify the rules as you want them to be moving forward. I extend my heartiest congratulations for a job well done.

  • England Paul (Pabs) Melia

    Paul (Pabs) Melia

    Also before it's brought up (41.Hansen) was added to the squad in January 2012. As the record was set in November it was accurate at the time it was set. Proof of him not being in the original squad list (2011-12) can be found at this link Hope this helps any potential confusion!

  • England Paul (Pabs) Melia

    Paul (Pabs) Melia

    Ma-Ann may I refer you to THE LAST NAME AND NUMBER AS FOUND ON PREMIERLEAGUE.COM ... Can someone who knows what they're doing please verify this record for me? Ma-ann seems to have taken it upon herself to review/research my records and find any reason to deny them.

    [n.b Some of the players may have different birth names which you can find if you research (well done Ma-Ann) but we're going by the last name on as a reliable way of verifying the records]

  • Philippines MaAnn Pacion

    MaAnn Pacion

    Paul. Denied. You went against the rule of saying the last name of the player. You said "Maxi" for Maximiliano Rubén "Maxi" Rodríguez and "Lucas" for Lucas Pezzini-Leiva.

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