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Most Push-Ups On A Floating Paddleboard In 90 Seconds

United States David Russotto

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Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, United States / May 6, 2013

David R. completed 49 push-ups on a floating paddleboard in 90 seconds.

- must use a paddleboard
- must perform attempt in water
- must follow RecordSetter push-up criteria
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States David Russotto

    David Russotto

    Patrick, I agree. I will be training for two paddle board races in early July but will resume some paddle board strength training immediately after and will make an attempt at 60 sometime in August. As for a future goal of 100... Hmm... that's twice my age... yep, sounds reasonable to me! Lets do it! Should be fun ( unless some young Special Forces guy comes along and pos out 120+. Any idea how to request a criteria change for future records reflecting the " no knees on the ground" standard?

    • Germany Patrik Faatz

      Patrik Faatz

      well, since we are the first ones to set the record i suppose whoever sets it first can set out the new rules accordingly with the no knees touching the board, chest on the board. have you tried burpee's on your board yet. good fun. good luck with your sup races. im of for a surf now..

  • Germany Patrik Faatz

    Patrik Faatz

    good point david, my arms where pretty stuffed from the kb swings hence was already quite fatigued. lets aim for 60 push ups without our knees touching the ground as you mentioned. i reckon with a bit of training we should be able to get up there and than take it to a hundred. what are your thoughts ?

  • United States David Russotto

    David Russotto

    Nice job Patrick. I don't want to be critical because this was GREAT work but as a former US Naval Officer I have to say that it is disappointing that the Record Setter criteria allow for resting of knees on the deck during the push up count. Under US Military fitness regs we would be disqualified and have to start the count over again each time a knee hit the deck. Therefore I couldn't allow my knees to touch during my record attempt. My opinion is that the criteria should probably be changed to reflect this going forward. However, this was still great job and will hopefully encourage more and more people to take fitness out of the gym and into the outdoors (and especially on paddle boards!!)

  • Germany Patrik Faatz

    Patrik Faatz

    well done mate, good effort...

  • United States Marcari Russotto

    Marcari Russotto

    Good work Dave we are super proud of you here at MRSB!

  • United States Bob Pratt

    Bob Pratt

    Nice work. Many, my self included will criticize the lack of depth and height. The U.S. military standard is to touch the chest to the ground at the bottom and reach full extension of the arms at the top.

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