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Chicago, Illinois, United States / February 2, 2013

Alex L. has listened to a song 2,147,483,651 times in iTunes.

- must provide video evidence of song counter


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  • United States Jenn Wark

    The song, by Juno Reactor, is 61.3 minutes long -- it is the only track on the album. To play it 2,147,483,651 times would take 131,640,747,806 minutes, or 250,292 years (according to Google). Any comment, Alex?

    • The Internet Alex Likes

      It was intended as satire by using the longest known single track song possible and the highest number a VBS script can use before it reports a stack overflow. According to the rules of this entry, it does not specify that it had to actually play that number of times; only that it has the highest playcount in iTunes. The 866 days of the previous record is just as outrageous and unprovable without a corresponding 866 days of video as the 250,292 years of the one I submitted.

  • The Internet Wumpus

    So this computer was left on playing this song for over 866 days? I find that unlikely. This record is worthless. You can go into the XML file and just change the number to anything you want. In order for this to have meaning, you'd have to set up a camera watching the computer, a clock, and a television screen set on a 24 hour channel at the same time.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Wumpus, thanks for this thoughtful comment. As RecordSetter evolves, we are definitely pushing record setters to provide more thorough documentation. Most categories now insist upon video evidence.

      Any further thoughts about how we can push this category forwards are welcome. We could help set up a live stream if you want to attempt the feat.

  • The Internet CXIPOCKUU

    You retards don't think outside the box. I have found a song that was not even one second, left it on for like, ever and let it reached whatever goal I want. Then I rename the original song so that iTunes says that the file is missing, I then relocate it to my favourite song (MALICE MIZER - BEAST OF BLOOD!!) and rename everything :) and thats how yar do it.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Alix, this image is impossible to accurately measure. Will you please shoot a video of your computer screen and submit it to us?

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    This, right here, is commitment. Surely you must have gotten annoyed by this song...

  • The Internet Andrew Kim


  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Andrew, we'd like to see video evidence. Do you have any, or did you create this with Photoshop?

  • United States Jenn Wark

    If that's the case, can you nab a quick video of the iTunes screen? That will clear up confusion!

  • The Internet Andrew Kim

    Also im still listening to this song.

  • The Internet Andrew Kim

    I have evidence. Says right there over 300,000. :)

  • The Internet Scotty Smith

    I have my music hooked up to my surround sound 24/7/365 always playing, battery never dies because it's always plugged in. My entire iPod is on repeat so technically I never stop listening to music, even though I'm out and about, at work, running errands, etc. Each one of my songs have over 1,000 plays, and the most is a bit under 10,000. It's not unlikely that he was able to let this play through 300,000 times in just 6 months. Especially with it being such a short song. Also I was messing around one day a while back and noticed you can just as easily skip to the very last second of the song and let it finish itself, then let it repeat itself again. You can possibly make it look like you've played through the song 300,000 times but you really only listened to the last 2 seconds of it for a whole week. Either way that number is outrageous and you need to better manage your time ;)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Yoyo, you added the song on December 24, 2009 and submitted your record on July 10, 2010. If you do the math on the amount of time you listened to the song (3,577 hours = 149 days), it appears you listened to the song almost non-stop for six months. I'm skeptical. Do you have a response? Are you willing you admit that Photoshop was involved? The door is open for an honest response if you're willing to provide one.

  • The Internet Jake Stewart

    All i have to say is holly crap

  • The Internet Yoyo Markus

    hehe you'll never know! :D

  • United States Corey Henderson

    I'd love to hear from Yoyo. What's the deal? Do you just keep this song on repeat while you work or something?

  • The Internet Ryan Brown

    This is officially my favorite record on the site.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    The song listed is "I'm alive" by Shania Twain (, but it does not seem to be listed in her catalog.

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