Fastest Time To Open A New CD

United States


Marfa, Texas, United States / January 10, 2011

Rachel Neel, an intern at Marfa Public Radio, opened a new CD using just her hands in 17.54 seconds.

- CD must be shrink wrapped and include security tab sticker
- may not use any tools other than hands
- may not damage CD case


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    I think there's a difference between taking a case apart and "damaging" it. If, as MarfaPublicRadio claims, it was put back together without anything breaking off, I believe it should be approved. RE: all tape off, hmm. I think we should just say "CD case must be opened and disc removed" or something similar. I'm OK if a bit of sticker stays on.

  • United States Matt Cairoli

    she took the case apart? thats damaging is it not?

  • United States Marfa Public Radio

    Yes, it was together again at the end. Was all the tape off? Hmmm.

  • United States Dan Leatherman

    The criteria states "may not damage CD case" - she takes it apart but does she get it back together?

  • United States Marfa Public Radio

    Hmmm, she used to work at a record store. And now handles incoming CDs at the radio station.

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