Most Nuts Caught With A Planters Can Hat In 30 Seconds

United States


Naalehu, Hawaii, United States / July 11, 2015

Jason Coffee's partner, Dixie, caught eight peanuts with a Planters can hat in 30 seconds, a World Record. They set the record as part of Planters' "World Nut Records" campaign.

Think you can beat the record? Go to for full info, and stay tuned for more nut challenges throughout the summer of 2015.


- must balance a Planters Nuts can on head for duration of attempt
- may use any standard-sized Planters Nuts can
- may use any type of nut found in a Planters Mixed Nuts can: peanut, cashew, hazelnut, Brazil nut, almond, and pecan
- may use hands to stabilize can on head during attempt
- nuts must be thrown one at a time
- nuts must be thrown directly inside can (may not touch hands or other external surfaces)
- nuts must remain inside can to be counted
- attempt is denied if can is removed from head at any time
- must keep feet planted for duration of attempt
- nuts must be tossed by a single person standing at least 10 feet away
- must measure 10-foot distance on camera
- after attempt, must show nuts inside can on camera
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must submit video evidence to


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