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Fastest Time To Name All James Bond Movies In Chronological Order

United States Rob Wilkinson

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Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States / January 30, 2010

Rob Wilkinson named all 22 of the James Bond films in chronological order in 12.69 seconds.

- must recite films from memory (can't be read off list)


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  • United States emma pk

    emma pk

    Me gusta mucho la película de James Bond. Me gusta ver películas de terror y acción en línea y sin conexión. Me gusta ver todas estas películas en mi cine en casa. Normalmente leo noticias sobre películas y espero con ansias las próximas películas. Leo todas las noticias de entretenimiento de un sitio en línea. También puedes visitarlo para leer sobre tu actor favorito.

  • United States Jacky


  • United States Rob Wilkinson

    Rob Wilkinson

    When Skyfall comes out does this need to be reset?

  • United States Rob Wilkinson

    Rob Wilkinson

    Seriously guys? Have you not read the guidelines? Never Say Never Again was never an official canon film in the series. It was essentially a remake of Thunderball under a company different from EON that used Sean Connery as the main actor.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Excellent catch, Blofeld. Anyone disagree? If not, we'll change this submission to DENIED.


  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Love the easter-egg audio at the end. :)

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Love the easter-egg audio at the end. :)

  • United States Ben Ingram

    Ben Ingram

    That's because it's not part of the franchise. It's a legal loophole side movie that happens to be based off Thunderball... and should not be included in any list of Bond movies unless you are also going to include the old David Niven & Peter Sellers comedy version of Casino Royal and the 1954 Casino Royale teleplay.

  • United States Patrick Sauer

    Patrick Sauer

    Purists do not recognize Never Say Never Again...

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