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Most Mosquito Bites At Once

Harmony Lohr

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Williamsport, Ohio, United States / June 18, 2011

Harmony Lohr was bitten by mosquitos a record 56 times all over her body. The bites occured over a nine-hour period during a graduation party out in the country.

- must provide clear photo evidence of each bite


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  • Australia Lilly Kate

    Lilly Kate

    this was recorded in the US? Try living in Australia where you have the annoying buzzing every bloody night.

  • United States takiya roberson

    takiya roberson

    i have the same thing all over my legs should i go to the doctor or go get some type of cream from Walgreens??

  • United States Carter Woods

    Carter Woods

    this week my friend got 180 all at once on his arms.

  • United States Vanessa


    in the last week i got 670

  • United States Angus liang

    Angus liang

    I got 27 bug bites as a 10 year old

  • United States Jason Li

    Jason Li

    That was in 1998

  • United States Jason Li

    Jason Li

    I got 698

  • United States Jason Li

    Jason Li

    Last year I had 201

  • United States Jason Li

    Jason Li

    I got now I got 108bi te s

  • United States Jason Li

    Jason Li

    Once I got 58bites

  • United States Chris p

    Chris p

    One time I went hiking, and there where swarms of mosquitoes, everyone that went had upwards of 50 bites, except the lucky guy that got only 2. I myself had 144, the most of the group.

  • United States hitman


    What??? I had 74 on my trip to Costa Rica, but it sounds like based on the comments that this "record" has been broken by many (poor) people.

  • United States Ian McGehee

    Ian McGehee


  • United States dean colwell

    dean colwell

    we just came bacj from turkey my son has 120 bites,he has so many on his arms and hands he loks more like measles very amusing though nit on his part!

  • United States Jeanette Pasquale

    Jeanette Pasquale

    clearly this poor woman was attacked by something but those don't look like mosquito bites to me........still I feel really bad for her whatever it is!

  • Scotland Diane Falconer

    Diane Falconer

    First night in Mozzie spray.....long skirt! Think they mistook it for a party tent lol. I am more than happy to count just the ones visible....still a record breaker as i have 117 on the top of just one foot! We could have a guess the number of mozzie bites competition....coz i get bored trying to add them up! :o)

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Holy cow. How did this happen? Also, the number of bites is suspiciously round. I move that we go with a count based on what is visible in the photo.

    • United States K


      Yeah I highly doubt only her legs where bitten, and only the tops at that... loll.. nice try though.

  • United States Jennifer Wark

    Jennifer Wark

    Calamine lotion needed! Ow!

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