Largest Group To Recite 'John 3:16' While Standing On One Foot Inside A Skating Rink In 24 Hours

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Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States / August 29, 2010

677 members of the Mosaic Church recited the Bible verse John 3:16[] while standing on one foot in an ice skating rink. They record was set over a 24-hour period.

- ice skating rinks and roller skating rinks are both acceptable locations


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  • The Internet geebranz

  • The Internet geebranz

    love that verse

  • The Internet geebranz

  • The Internet Tina Greenlee

    Thanks so much Dan. Actually, when you click on the icon it then gives you an option for facebook and twitter. I appreciate your help in getting me to where I needed to be. I see you have quite a few records under your belt. Great job!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Nicely noted, Dustin!

    Tina - if you click on the little arrow icon at the bottom of the video you'll find an option to embed it. Easiest option is just cut and paste link into Facebook, but we have an embeddable video solution in development that will soon simplify things dramatically.

    Congrats on a stellar feat, Dan

  • The Internet Tina Greenlee

    Is there a way to share the actual video to facebook or only the link?

  • The Internet Dustin Boles

    There were about 5 that were not on one foot. We subtracted them from the total.

  • United States Marc

    At least one person is not standing on one foot:

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