Fastest One Mile Run With 400 Chest-Touching Ground Push-Ups

United States

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Clermont, Florida, United States / May 29, 2015

Alicia Weber completed a one mile run with 400 chest-touching ground push-ups in 18 minutes, 52.08 seconds.

- must perform a one mile run (1,609 meters) and 400 push-ups on a flat course
- must show measurement of running course in the video
- must complete routine as shown in the original record; after every 400-meter run, record setter must complete 100 consecutive push-ups
- must touch chest to ground on all reps of push-ups
- must return arms to full extension and hold a plank on all fours
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet DJ Nate

    IXI XI : YOU are the one who is full of jokes. You have a problem. You do not have even ONE record and you are telling someone who has set over 500 records what to do. You are a nobody. FYI: she explains the distance of the football field and running beyond the goal posts. Running on grass is harder and will take more time than running around a track. PS Recordsetters create rules for their records. They can run where they want.

  • United States IXI Xi

    Your chest isn't touching the ground, and just because you run a football field doesn't mean its a mile... keep in mind a track goes around thee ENTIRE track not just a line back and forth so to run a straight line like so you'd need to run an extra 50 yards or maybe more to show you've ran the full lap.. its quite pathetic they counted this as a mile with 400 chest touching push-ups as you can clearly see your breast didn't touch the ground but your lower shirt did.. and that wasn't a mile.. this must be a site full of jokes or are they just trying to fill spots up so this was accepted?

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