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Largest Lip Balm Collection

United States Eleanor Miller

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Astoria, New York, United States / April 16, 2010

Eleanor Miller currently has 406 items in her lip balm collection. She has collected lip balm from all over the world.

- multiples of identical balms not counted


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  • United States Arianna Dicken

    Arianna Dicken

    PREEETTTY sure Kayla Ann surpassed you..........

  • United States Makay Baker

    Makay Baker

    I tots agree

  • United States Ally Smith

    Ally Smith

    I think that Kayla Ann has more... No offense though

  • United States Makay Baker

    Makay Baker

    She has over 650 lip smackers, 300 eos 50 liplicious glosses 60 baby lips and like 80 lotta luvs

  • United States Makay Baker

    Makay Baker

    Ya, hats definetley not the most, Kayla ann has way more!!!!!!!!!

  • United States clara



  • United States clara



  • United States Kay Last

    Kay Last

    Interesting contest. My daughter has 1000+ of unused, mint condition, one of a kind lip smackers that no one else could possibly get now. She has been collecting for several years. It's been her passion since childhood. Neat to know others love them too :) Not sure if she would post her collection or not since she does it for herself. She knows though their value and it's pricey that's for sure if she were ever to sell them.

  • United States Mandy Beagrie

    Mandy Beagrie

    I have 418

  • United States lilyluvslipbalms


    120 more lip product and ill beat the record I currently have 300 420 beats 415....cant wait:)

  • United States 1441



  • United States 1441



  • United States Rachel GingerBread

    Rachel GingerBread

    Seventeen items, my sister has about 30. Im planning on beating this. :3

  • Can they be used? Do they have to be sealed?

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