Fastest Time To Inflate A 17-Inch Mega-Whoopee Cushion And Make It Burst



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / September 9, 2011

Darryl Learie used only his breath to inflate and burst a 17-inch Mega-Whoopee cushion[] in 36.10 seconds. The cushion was a gift from fellow RecordSetter Brian Pankey.

- must use only breath to inflate whoopie cushion
- whoopie cushion must burst
- must use a 17-inch mega-whoopie cushion


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  • Australia Peter Craig

    Love it Darryl, although hard to pick from all your records this is honestly one of my favorites (for sone reason). I think because you've creatively combined previous records with something not intended to be blown up, combined with the fact it was intended for a few records I assume and it was unexpected, short and entertaining and being the first time tense not exactg knowin what was going to happen. Most of these variables are removed for future attempts but congrats on another well deserved record.

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