Most Hours Logged On An iPhone Stopwatch

Kuwait Joshua Mallik


Salmiya, Kuwait City, Kuwait / August 11, 2012

Joshua Mallik has logged 78,888 hours, 32.80 seconds on his iPhone stopwatch.

- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States this record

    this record

    This record is fake. uploaded in 2012 at 78,888 hours ending up at approximately 9 years. let’s do some math shall we. 2012 - 9 = 2003 or four years before the first iPhone came out. and before you say it’s an iPod keep in mind that is an iPod touch which came out three months after the iPhone the iPod stopwatch is also notoriously buggy after it hits 10,000 hours seen in previous fake record attempts for this record

  • Australia Hassan duggz

    Hassan duggz

    Guys go on my record i beat it

  • United States Jordyn Bock

    Jordyn Bock

    I'm pretty sure I've got the longest stopwatch time I've got the first gen ipod and it's at 59652:19:24.7 that's 6.8 years?

  • United States Herobrinethecat


    this is fake. The iPhone was released on 2009. 78,888 / 24 = 3287 days. 3287 days/365= about 9 years. Even with leap year, the iPhone wouldn't have been released.

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Jenn Wark

      The iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, not 2009. The current record adds up.

    • United States this record

      this record

      it was released in 2007 but it still doesn’t add up

  • United States Bob


    445,100 hours is exactly 50.81050228 years. The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. That is not even 9 years. This is obviously a fake because you can not clock 50 years in 9 years.

  • United States noahb09


    I can believe that

  • United States Cameron Burke

    Cameron Burke

    My iPod has 51k hours if that's good ? Nearly 6 years

  • United States Cameron Burke

    Cameron Burke

    I've got 51k hours on my iPod and it's legit (1st gen iPod)

  • United States noahb09


    this website is all insufficient data

  • United States noahb09


    Kalli your a failure, unless you own a time machine, lol

  • United States noahb09


    on stop watch ipod fourth generation not iphone and i bought it used

  • United States noahb09


    I have gone for 6175 hours

  • United States noahb09


    thats over 50 years its a lie

  • England Joe Hall

    Joe Hall

    The itouch g1 came out on September 5, 2007. It's is impossible for that time to be correct.

  • United States Jordan Chapman

    Jordan Chapman

    It doesn't matter if your phone dies. It'll still go.

    -my phone has died like ten times. And my stopwatch hasn't died.

  • Spain Daniel Romero

    Daniel Romero

    well, you don't need to have the stopwatch app open, in 3 years time i'll record it (if battery doesn't go out...)

  • Spain Daniel Romero

    Daniel Romero

    that is... NEARLY 842 DAYS!!!

  • United States Dan Crowley

    Dan Crowley

    The owner of this record has a higher lap time then his total time, which isn't possible. Plus, 5,468,805 mins equals roughly 10 years which also isn't possible. There must be some error when entering this seeing how the hours one the phone don't add up.

  • United States Matthew Shinkle

    Matthew Shinkle

    This is definitely real, but not correct (if that makes sense). My iPod touch has been recording for over a year now and was about to pass the 10,000 hours mark when the iPod froze. I had to manually restart. When I later checked the stopwatch, it was around 370800 hours, which is roughly 43 years. It's a glitch. The iPod's stopwatch isn't designed to handle that amount of time. Who knows what will happen to it in the future. I've been considering making a YouTube video of it.

  • United States david l

    david l

    This is impossible.

  • United States Ed Pescatore

    Ed Pescatore

    Dave you are correct. The itouch g1 came out on September 5, 2007. It's is impossible for that time to be correct.

  • United States dave fairbanks

    dave fairbanks

    this record is not possible. 5468805 min or 91148 hrs turns out to be 10.3 years and the ipod touch has not been out that long and the true time is the bottom and the lap time is the top one. nice try dude but you FAIL!!!!!!!

  • I wont believe it until he proves that his iPhone isn't jailbroken

  • United States Jack Webster

    Jack Webster

    Could you beat this record with an Ipod Touch if you wanted too?

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