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Most Coins Earned In "Coin Dozer" (Mobile)

United States Fadvax

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London, England / November 19, 2012

Fadvax earned 229,122 coins in the Coin Dozer mobile game app.

- any mobile device acceptable
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • United States Brooke Brooke

    Brooke Brooke

  • United States Brooke Brooke

    Brooke Brooke

    That's cool. I've always wanted to play slots, but I know that I'm not lucky enough to win gambling.

  • United States Amber Greenwood

    Amber Greenwood

    I have heard many cases of people winning at casinos, so this is quite real. This is pure luck, nothing more.

  • United States Bestian Fellon

    Bestian Fellon

    Do you guys think it is real to make money in casinos? It seems like there are a lot of unreliable platforms on the Internet and I don't believe most of them. People should better find good jobs and earn a living that way, but not playing online. Although, sometimes I bet on sports here. But it is my hobby and I do it for fun only.

  • United States Yuri Moesman

    Yuri Moesman

    I hack server apk's as well, sometimes, not a big fan of it in a way. Some say it can't be done, but it can. If you use the richt proxy settings, and some more, won't say too much. I'm not talking a simple VPN or not correct installed browsers. This is all about having the right settings on, than you can trick a server. but like i said, not a fan of that. On those games i play fair, when i want to play them that is, i rather play real games instead.

  • United States Yuri Moesman

    Yuri Moesman

    easy game is not fun in a way, i have to admit that, on what i said myself before. But the fun part i see on it, is that game always try to ban me often, but they can't get it together. That's my thought on what makes these kind of games fun sometimes, in how far, are we able to trick it. I will never share how i do it, that would be ignorant of course ;)

  • United States Yuri Moesman

    Yuri Moesman

    cause it's fun to hack/path or mod the games sometimes for fun. I create those points 20 times or more a day, if i wanted to. i do 20 or so times the number called. i rather play a game where i can't lose, and get everything i want, and doing so, than to loose my crypto on a gambling site. i rather Mine, trade or stake my crypto i own. I do more online, also airdrops, better earnings than that casino, i know for sure ;)

  • United States Andron Silver

    Andron Silver

    I will never understand why do the adults play those games? Friendly speaking, it is not the best idea to spend time. I understand the desire to play. You can judge me if you want. But I prefer online gambling. I used to visit real casinos before. Due to the pandemic, all of them are closed. But I have found Have you heard about that cryptocurrency casino? Yes, I also play, but I earn some money playing. That is why it seems more efficient and useful. If you want to try, prepare for spending time on learning all those progressive stuff you'll need.

  • United States Gaston Archibald

    Gaston Archibald

    Wow, I'm so envious of this person Fantastic!

  • United States Johny Quid

    Johny Quid

    I tried to play casinos so many times and really few of them were successful. I usually played on because, at least, I am able to get my prize money fast.

  • United States paula becker

    paula becker

    just dont wana of completed it yet😢

  • United States paula becker

    paula becker

    im on level 150 ive dropped 188.863 coins&300 prizes& collected everything you can but i NEED t no is that IT? is it only more prizes to collect? realy hoping there's something more for me? plzzzz answer thanks

  • United States Stefano Girardello

    Stefano Girardello

    I have 1,000,185

  • United States Jerry


    I have 501,298 at level 338 no cheat going for a million it's pointless I know

  • United States Jessica


    590000 coins : )

  • United States Coindozerking


  • United States Monica Battreal

    Monica Battreal

    I had over 250,000 coins and finished all of the puzzles when I decided to start over.

  • United States Fadvax


    Lol. Someone sadder than me!

  • England Matthew Taylor

    Matthew Taylor

    I've just past 300,000.. Picture on it's way!

  • United States Fadvax


    Currently 229122 + about 150 of each prize to cash in. That's about another 40000 coins

  • United States Fadvax


    I'll think I'll get to a million to see what happens, then finally go insane.

  • Philippines Teody Jasper

    Teody Jasper

    i highly doubt this score. i'd believe this if the evidence is a video or same photo as the previous record holder

  • United States Frank


    i have 111.111 coins level 258

  • United States Frank


    I have 52.000 coins level 236

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    MaAnn P.

    Great job, Karen!

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