Largest Group To Inhale Helium And Sing "I Think We're Alone Now" While Hogtied

United States Team Dark

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Portland, Oregon, United States / April 1, 2010

18 members of Wieden Kennedy’s Team Dark inhaled helium and sang the chorus to I Think We’re Alone Now while hogtied.

The record was set in Portland, Oregon on April 1, 2010 at Wieden Kennedy’s 28th annual Founders’ Day party. RecordSetter co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were on hand to preside over the event.


- each person must inhale enough helium to make their voice squeaky


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  • Australia Oakley 12

    Oakley 12

    First inhale helium and then talk produce the most funniest voice.This world record is definitely most funny and incredible.Hope to grab more such stuff related to world

  • United States apk add

    apk add

  • United States john ronald

    john ronald

    This is incredible inhale helium and song chorus as well, salute to those people who set this record . the effort of is really commendable and should be appreciated. I work on cheap reliable essay writing service and when I feel bored at work I love to watch this type of clips. These are really refreshing.

  • England leona margret

    leona margret

    This is crazy. hostsailor Why these people are inhaling helium and singing. Is this any kind of challenge or to break any record. Anyway, I enjoyed the video and their singing."I Think We're Alone Now" is a beautiful song.

  • United States olivia stafford

    olivia stafford

    Hey Team Dark! I'm casting America's Got Talent and I'd love to talk to you about auditioning!! (No hog ties needed, ha ha) send me an email!

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