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Farthest Distance Flown In "Jetpack Joyride" (Mobile)

Germany JensHarbers

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Sullwarderburg, Lower Saxony, Germany / December 29, 2016

Jens H. flew 9,454 meters in Jetpack Joyride.

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- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Trevor


    Where r the zappers??

  • United States oof


    Bommis (Bommis#7943) has a developer confirmed run of 143,849 meters.

  • Germany JensHarbers


    This is a glitch that sometimes happens. in my opinion and the opinion of it is no new world record, as the entire game and booting phase is not shown. This is needed to prevent previous settings that could be used for cheating. To be clear, i have not said that someone has cheated here.

  • United States Amber Jane

    Amber Jane

    And how at 55,000 does he barely have 160 coins?

  • United States Amber Jane

    Amber Jane

    I truly beliece this is a fake as well. Also im a little confused because im not a gamer i just like fast moving, and i dont understand why the highest record i see after that is in 9000. Its got to be more because ive made it to 13,4 and something.

    • United States Amber Jane

      Amber Jane

      Only other games i play are subway surfers with a record of 11 million and black and whiye tiles. I dont even know how to play playstation.

  • United States No


    lol this is fake. First of all you can see that there aren't any zappers or anything else. And second, you can also see that he is entering sector 16 in the video, which you normally enter at 13,000m, not 55,500m. Secondly, you can see that he enters sector 16 two times. So this is the proof he cheated.

  • United States Dylan


    Why does your best say 19,000+ if 9,000 is supposedly the best?

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