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Longest Double Stroke Drum Roll

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Braselton, Georgia, United States / December 6, 2010

Jordan McDuff performed a double stroke drum roll that lasted four minutes, 4.43 seconds.

- must perform a double troke drum roll using both hands
- drum roll must be continuous
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Lane Kilgo

    Im gonna try to go 5 mins lol

  • Canada Michel Cardin

    Is this real? "must perform a double " troke " drum roll using both hands" Someone yanking on our chains here? lol Just kidding lol I'll see if I can beat this; I remember that about 25 years ago could kinda usually roll at any speed that my hands were able to single roll and that was much faster than that. I must have gotten that ability from rolling the snare with precision; on the sheet music in class and it stuck with me. I can also buzz roll ; but when moving from one to the other; all I would need to do was loosen my side grip pressure squeeze on the stick and letting them bounce higher but faster and I think that at this point; because of the stick sinking into my hands further; I thus would automatically twist rolling my hand's stance forward and probably was also lowering closer to the skin. I'll be filming it tomorrow and posting it; at least on youtube anyways.

    • Canada Michel Cardin

      Sorry; this is meant for that most beats in 5 minutes. But I sure will view this also. And beating any of these for m would also go to that same charity . LOL Again; sorry.

  • The Internet Frank K

    Really cool but it does seem to be a buzz roll,but still cool.

  • The Internet Jordan McDuff

    That is not a double stroke, if you look in the slow motion video footage there are three consecutive hits not two, and double stroke are two distinct hits as in my video. each note counts as half a beat, these are whats called a "Buzz" roll, which are three hits.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Looks like this was for charity! Do you have any links to more info?

  • United States Emily Patricia


  • United States Corey Henderson

    Is this the same type of drum roll or different than the Longest Drumroll in a Prius?

  • The Internet Jordan McDuff

    Go Head! I could Go One For Hours..

  • Ireland Christian Conefery

    easy record Im sending in my attempt today which will beat that

  • The Internet Jordan McDuff

    Just Beat it!

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