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Fastest Time To Perform A Pandora Card Flourish

United States Brian Pankey

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / April 21, 2012

Brian Pankey performed a Pandora card flourish in 27.68 seconds.

- must use a deck of 52 standard-sized playing cards
- timing starts when the cards are being separated
- cards may not be pressed up against a table
- time stops once Pandora flourish is done
- must follow pattern as demonstrated by original record setter
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States 안효준


    you don't even do it like the way dananddave do;; I suggest you go home and practice more

  • India Kamal Aslam

    Kamal Aslam

    Brian Pankey is Legendary with aprox 3000 records i dont think he gives shi* of what you think

  • United States Practice More

    Practice More

    I'm sorry man, but you suck. That was not even pandora at all, I suggest you learn how to do the real pandora first and practice until you can do it smoothly before you post a video, same thing for your other flourishing videos, because honestly this and all your other videos are terrible.

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