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Longest Distance To Stretch A Piece Of Gum

United States Vernon Frenzel

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Waynesville, Missouri, United States / September 7, 2011

Vernon Frenzel stretched a piece of gum 212 inches long.

Stride’s setting 100 records in 100 days. At the end of 100 days, we’ll verify if you are the standing Record Holder. If you are, you’ll get $500 for each record you managed to hold with your guile, talent, and sheer will.

General caution and common sense required. We show the Stride Team at work, but recommend that these challenges be done at home.

- may only use one piece or stick of gum
- may not use gum tape or gum roll
- piece of gum may be chewed
- if evidence shows usage of more than one piece of gum, attempt will be denied
- only two people may stretch gum
- may not reattach gum once it has broken
- must document entire stretch on video
- must document precise length of gum on video


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  • United States Dom Scalici

    Dom Scalici

    Yeah I extra watermelon flavor

  • United States shawn


    which brands would you recommend for an experiment on the brands stretching the furthest?

  • United States Vernon Frenzel

    Vernon Frenzel

    Oh well, it happens. Give thanks to the entire recordsetter team for me. Had an awesome time with my father.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Vernon We reviewed both attempts. To your points, I wouldn't say the camera person "helps" the attempt. The color of gum is a non-factor. Thomas's suggested rule that the person must take the gum from wrapper and chew it on camera is a good one, but since we didn't include it, it's impossible to objectively accept your gum as "one piece" and theirs as "more than one piece."

    In your attempt, there are issues, also. We can barely see the piece of gum in the second half of the video.

    This is a tough category and I feel your pain, but our decision stands.

  • United States Vernon Frenzel

    Vernon Frenzel

    And second on the point below, they stated 1:52 that "It broke" is there no telling that he skipped back a few feet? This would of been more avoided if the entire stretch was shown along with both kids being in frame the entire video... So yea, please review. My main problem is with the gum. That's clearly more than one piece. I'm sure other would agree. Thank you.

  • United States Vernon Frenzel

    Vernon Frenzel

    Second- May be taking this one to technical, but "Must document entire stretch on video". In my video, we can see both of us the entire time, and I also pointed out where you can see the final snap. 1:51 brings me two criteria questions, he lifts the gum so: "Only two people may stretch gum." Is broke because as you can hear previously, it was falling so the camera guy did help making it 3 people.

  • United States Vernon Frenzel

    Vernon Frenzel

    I'd really like for the recordesetter team to review this one please. Here are my arguments: One would be the first obvious one which is the fact that more than one piece of gum was used. Unless i can be shown a bubble gum piece big enough to be stretched to that length that is green, that there has to be more than one piece here. Most people know the great stretchy gums to be bubble gum pink, so i mean, before you completely give this to them, i think it's fair that we know what gum was used. I told recordsetter what type of gum I used so they can see that one piece is infact that big.

  • United States Vernon Frenzel

    Vernon Frenzel

    You don't sound like a douche bro, I don't believe it either. the 212 one we did was pretty lucky, cause at most times we couldn't get past 10 feet. I'd also like to know what kind of gum was used. No offence to stride, but if that's like a stride piece, there's no way they got almost 50 feet. But, i didn't get a response to my post. So yea...

  • United States Thomas Perez

    Thomas Perez

    Sorry but that definitely looked like more than 1 piece of gum. They should have a rule that states "Must open new pack of gum and show proof that it is 1 piece." In the video he's already chewing a piece of gum. Who's to say they didn't cheat? Sorry don't mean to sound like a douche or anything!

  • United States Vernon Frenzel

    Vernon Frenzel

    My view: Though they did do the entire stretch, how is there evidence that more than one piece of gum wasn't used. Neither one of the two were in frame the entire time. Zooming in poking the gum several times maybe gave time for one of the two to reattach? My two cents. We'll be trying this one again. :)

  • United States Vernon Frenzel

    Vernon Frenzel

    It works now ^-^ I assume it was just under construction.

  • United States Schuyler Van Horn

    Schuyler Van Horn

    Vernon - which link was not working for you? Let me know and we'll look into it for you. Thanks for letting us know!

  • United States Vernon Frenzel

    Vernon Frenzel

    I tried going to feedback, but link is messed up. Ya'll should explain why attempts are denied. I.E. whether ya'll think there was one or more piece, or more accurate measurements. I'll give it another try in a less windy environment though ^-^

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