Most Deep Squats In 24 Hours

United States


Liberty, New York, United States / May 29, 2011

Andre T. completed 15,939 deep squats in a day. He set the record on May 28 to May 29, 2011 at the Liberty Fitness Center and the Memorial Day street festival in Liberty, New York.

- must bend knees and break 90 degrees on each squat
- must return to extension for reps to count
- must hold arms straight out for entire attempt
- must provide a side-view angle video


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  • The Internet Paul Shultz

    I watched some of this by Andre and continue to be very impressed by his work.

  • The Internet John Johnson

    I have been critical of some of the other records as I feel the form seems to disintegrate on the shorter duration efforts but Andre has achieved Guinness Records and there's nothing to do other than give praise for this one. You are an impressive athlete Andre

    • The Internet Andre Turan

      John, I appreciate your viewpoint on form and I am in absolute agreement with that. We need to devise a tool to establish the proper upright return in the squat. Otherwise with faster and faster speeds it just becomes a glorified pulse.

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