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Most Contact Punches In One Minute

United States

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Chicago, Illinois, United States / November 24, 2012

Keith Liddell completed 900 contact punches in one minute.

- must have a discernable starting point and end point
- must make full contact with a boxing mitt or bag
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet N. Sreekanth

    Just now, I counted the punches of Norman Breese in slow motion. The punches are exactly 542. How can Recordsetter claim that the punches were 1199?

  • The Internet N. Sreekanth

    If the teams of Guinness Book of World Records and Recordsetter had been authorized to record the fastest 100 metres sprint, they would have easily replaced Usain Bolt's 9.58 seconds timing by anyone's 6.58 or 4.58 seconds.

    • The Internet Brian E

      Without video evidence it doesn't count. I'm going to break the record of 428 per minute on my YouTube channel STEAD tV! Well you just said the records 542. When I started the search some guy named Pavel somebody got 322 and the Guinness book of world records makes wild claims of 900 and some other guy told me the record's 428 now you're saying 542... This is getting harder every minute I'm going to stop researching and just go for 550 and be done with this.! Haha. God bless us

    • The Internet Brian E

      If we don't have to provide proof then I threw 38,000 punches per minute. I have the world's record now. Haha. What do you think of that Guinness book of world records?

  • The Internet N. Sreekanth

    There is no evidence of 805 punches, 901 punches and 1190 punches per minute. The Guinness Book of World Records and Record Setter should not lose their credibility. Are they selling world records?

  • The Internet N. Sreekanth

    Absolutely ridiculous. Where are 1190 punches? Record Setter should have sense to declare it as world record.

  • The Internet Gobin

    No evidence of record 805 punch in minute

  • United States Norman Breese

    When I break Ardito's record with Guinness, I will post the results on youtube. He did not post any video record evidence anywhere. I know, I looked in his home country.

  • United States Norman Breese

    Bruce Lee said "In sports,they are only after the one who is has the ball"

  • United States Kevin Taylor


    • United States Norman Breese

      I appreciate your comment. Thanks.

      I appreciate your comment. Thanks.

  • The Internet Gerald Michael

    is it time to beat Aridito's record on Guiness?

    • United States Norman Breese

      I know it's been a while, but if you look at Guinness' record for Most punches in a Minute you get the answer to your question as of 2017.

  • The Internet Gerald Michael

    is it time to beat Ardito's record in Guiness?

    • Pakistan AHMAD AMIN BODLA

      Speed was great but i think master ardito's 805 is still not beaten , counting must be done in slow version for this attempt

    • Wales Karl Eastwood

      i counted this as well it averages 15 a second early but drops off, i counted under 600 punches

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