Fastest Time To Complete 700 Squats And 50 Bucket Carries

United States Andre Turan


Damascus, Pennsylvania, United States / November 22, 2012

Andre Turan completed 700 squats and 50 bucket carries in 55 minutes, 39.00 seconds.

- must perform deep squats
- buckets must weight at least 25 pounds each
- buckets must be carried at least 25 meters
- arms must be flexed to 90 degrees bending at the elbows when carrying loaded buckets
- load of material must be shoveled into buckets before each trip
- buckets may not be filled ahead of time
- video taping of the squats must be from the side angle


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    Thanks Alicia. I love Thanksgiving workouts!

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    AWESOME JOB!! Congrats!!!

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