Most Times To Bench Press A Person In 15 Seconds

United States Clint Poore


Miamisburg, Ohio, United States / July 24, 2012

Clint Poore bench pressed a person 32 times in 15 seconds.

- must perform a full range of motion bench press
- person being lifted must be in a sitting position
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Jason A Faulkner

    Jason A Faulkner

    I saw guinness recordsdo his. LOl all the weight is shifted down further where the person is sitting, not really lifting alot of weight

    • United States Clint Poore

      Clint Poore

      I thought that as well until we started using it in our is a HUGE PUMP and you lift more than you expect.

    • United States Jason A Faulkner

      Jason A Faulkner

      Ummmm have try it sometime. I've got strong legs too just havent done anything yet i once squatted 950lbs raw 50 lbs from world record i have to weaknesses trap legs chest arms are all world class strength. i need tobe creative and think...

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