Most Back Flips On A BMX Bike In "Grand Theft Auto V: Online"

United States Andrew Brownlee


Los Angeles, California, United States / May 29, 2017

Andrew B. performed five back flips on a BMX bike in Grand Theft Auto V: Online.

- must follow RecordSetter video game rules
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Hunter Tmifnfbwa

    Hunter Tmifnfbwa

    If not how long cause I can do it

  • United States Hunter Tmifnfbwa

    Hunter Tmifnfbwa

    Just wondering 1 min?

  • United States MaturedSinner


    Is there a better quality video for this? The one I see is very stuttered and only shows 1 back flip. Also, are there any restrictions to this record, such as back flips performed in a row, in a period of time, or just overall?

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Jenn Wark

      Back flips are at :12 and :36.

      We generally don't add restrictions to the record unless the original record holder wants them in there -- as it is right now, to make it an even contest it would have to be in a single videoed sitting, that's all. Ian, want to weigh in?

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