Most One-Armed Push-Ups By A Five-Year-Old


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Mumbai, Maharashtra , India / October 29, 2011

Five-year-old Ronak Vitha completed 50 one-armed push-ups.

- may use padding between knuckles and floor
- arms must lock at peak of push-ups and elbows must be 90 degrees at base of push-ups
- partially completed push-ups deducted from final tally



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  • The Internet Adel Khalil

    Wow what a strong boy you are!! Check out my profile on this site. My name is A del Khalil. I would like to send you the Core 500 exercise device and see what you could do with it!! Let me know!!

  • United States Derrick Clark

    Well, that is a good effort I must admit.But I agree with Rich.

  • United States Rich Ferguson

    That killer!! However, I think you should pick one arm and only use one arm... because switching gives the other arm a break. I'd like to see a record with just one arm continuously within a minute.

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