Most American Pennies Balanced On Elbow And Caught

United States Kevin C. Murray


West Hollywood, California, United States / January 4, 2010

Kevin C. Murray balanced 51 American pennies on his elbow and caught them.


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  • United States kendall cordes

    kendall cordes

    how tall is 51 pennies? i use £1 coins of similar height. what is the measurement in mm? also, anyone that questions the balancing, you try it!!!

  • United States K Cameron Dean

    K Cameron Dean

    he didn't balance them long enough, i call shenanigans

  • I agree with all of u the record is 'balancing' pennies on the elbow im only 13 and i can do 31 BALANCING them on my elbow

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Yeah, I don't feel great about this submission. I'd like to see Tom do it again, and add a rule that the stack must be clearly balanced on the elbow before the coins are snatched.

  • United States G Christopher

    G Christopher

    technically he did snatch it off of his elbow, but the pennies definitely were not "balanced", at all.

  • The time between the left-handed penny release to the right-handed penny capture is suspiciously fast. What do others think?

  • I am pretty sure the image in the bottom left is Tony Danza not John Stamos. I vote we reduce the count to 52.

  • o-mazing

  • Go Tristan! :D

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