Most Alternating Dual Lip Curls In 10 Seconds

United States


Cheraw, South Carolina, United States / July 1, 2009

Bethany Lee completed 39 dual lip curls in 10 seconds, a new world record. The original count was 40, but one curls was outside the 10 second limit.



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  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Sorry about that, technical glitch on our side. The video is now up and functioning.

  • lol nice

  • United States Matt Parker

    Why is this not the video I uploaded?

  • United States Matt Parker

    I am the one who recorded and witnessed this record, and I watched this video in slo-motion in order to count these lip curls, since she was so fast at it. I can assure you she got 40 within the 10 seconds. I did not count the last one nor did I count the ones that weren't fully extended.

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