Fastest Time To Do A Complete Crucifix/Round The World Pull-Up

United States

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Columbus, Ohio, United States / November 17, 2011

Derrick Clark performed a complete crucifix/round the world pull-up for 2.76 seconds.

- feet must be completely off of ground
- time starts when both feet are in air
- time ends when one foot touches ground
- arms must be perpendicular to body throughout pull-up
- must observe pull-up form as seen in original video


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  • United States Derrick Clark

    Yea! These are very hard.Got to compress my wrist to hold my bodyweight up.As long you have to drive to break your records is a accomplish within itself.I got a few exercises I specialized at.Well, keep up the great training!

  • Canada Darryl Learie

    That's a nice pull-up friend, any exercise that involves the arms held at horizontal levels is damn hard - no doubt.

    I would be leary of gymnasts targeting this record, especially those who specialize on the parralell rings unless your planning to raise the bar on this record.

    You don't need to worry about me on this one, or your other records as they don't match my current mission in record breaking.

    I know for myself, I can't allways and forever be the best in all 80 of my own records achieved - the training would spread my talents too thinly.

    Great grip on the thick bars - that cannot be easy in itself.

    For me I specialize in finger planking, and balloon blowing, and tricks - and I've built a reputation for being big on rebreaking my own previous benchmarks.

    I reckon your best strategy concerning this site, and future challengers is to choose your top 2 or 3 skill's and and/or areas of strength/stamina and begin taking them to phenominal levels - just as Shaun McDaniel has focused all his energies on back of hand push-ups.

    But of course, in the end it's all your choosing ;) Just my 2 cents, friend.

  • United States Derrick Clark

    They need to change the rule and put the fastest time.

  • United States Derrick Clark

    Well, this is the Round The World style. You have to go up and hold your body in that position and rotate to the right side then left while you in the up phase.

  • United States Derrick Clark

    Got to hold for 2 seconds in the up phase and deadhang.

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