Most Consecutive "Tetris Friends" Matches Played In Arena Mode



Ourinhos, São Paulo, Brazil / February 18, 2012

Rudy Aaron played 202 consecutive matches of Tetris Friends in Arena mode.

- must play matches in Arena mode
- matches must be consecutive
- must provide video evidence
- must show the last two games in the video
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Rudy. It seems weird that you were logged in a different account, there might be a number of reasons for this, one being a technical glitch. Anyway, thank you for your info, please reload your browser and it should be fixed by then

  • Brazil Rudy Aaron

    Hey! thats my record! i upload this. my account suddently was logged as this joseph Kaufman!! Yet, I cant open a ticket support cause say my mail has expired. What should i do?? help meee. I spend 8 hours to get that record

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Woah! How long have you been playing, Joseph?

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