1. #66

    Most J.Crew Catalogue Models Mustached In One Minute

    Marc Tatarsky drew mustaches on 63 clothing models in a J.Crew catalog in one minute.

    Aug 12 mmm 14 comments United States
  2. #67

    Most Questions Answered About LOST In Two Minutes By Someone Who's Never Seen The Show

    Morgan Murphy, who’s never seen a single episode of LOST, answered 18 questions about the show in two minutes. Her “I don’t... (more)

    Jun 04 MorganMurphy 3 comments United States
  3. #68

    Fastest Time To Eat An Apple Without Front Teeth

    Toby Petersen ate an apple without any front teeth in one minute, 17.60 seconds. The record was set on February 21, 2010 at... (more)

    Mar 23 Toby Petersen 1 comment United States
  4. #69

    Most Fortune Cookie Sayings Said In Two Minutes Over A Beatbox Soundtrack

    Reggie Watts said 12 fortune cookie sayings in two minutes over a live, self-generated soundtrack. Watts created a live,... (more)

    Feb 22 ReggieWatts 6 comments United States
  5. #70

    Most Insulting Tweets Directed Toward A Friend In One Minute

    Streeter Seidell sent 13 insulting tweets to his friend Jeff Rubin[] in one minute. He was angry at Rubin for not attending an... (more)

    Jan 26 StreeterSeidell United States
  6. #71

    Fastest Time To Publish A Document To A Website

    Tim Kloske created, saved and published a document to a website in 4.38 seconds.

    Jan 25 TimKloske 126 comments Canada
  7. #72

    Most Names Given To A Plastic Duck In 30 Seconds

    Evan Altshuler gave 17 names to his plastic duck in 30 seconds.The duck is currently named Stephen.

    Jan 04 EvanAltshuler 20 comments United States
  8. #73

    Fastest Time To Roll 112 Feet, 3 Inches Down A Hill

    Cameron Davis rolled his way down a 112-foot, 3-inch hill in 20.13 seconds.

    Nov 20 CameronDavis 1 comment United States
  9. #74

    Fastest Time To Unravel A Roll Of Toilet Paper

    Chris Dean unraveled a full roll of toilet paper in 4.28 seconds, a new world record.

    Aug 31 GChristopher 8 comments United States
  10. #75

    Most Refusals To Set A World Record In 30 Seconds

    Kristen Driggers refused to “set a world record” 32 times in 30 seconds.

    Aug 11 KristenDriggers 1 comment United States
  11. #76

    Longest Time Hopping On One Foot

    Aidan Ludlum hops on one foot for 20.16 seconds, a new world record. He continued hopping for more than 30 seconds, but switched... (more)

    May 21 AidanLudlum 20 comments United States
  12. #77

    Fastest Time To Ink Stamp The Alphabet

    Lucy Smith and Sophia Lipkin ink stamp the entire English alphabet in one minute and 56.32 seconds, a new world record. The... (more)

    May 14 LucySmith 4 comments United States
  13. #78

    Most Peeps Placed On Sleeping Baby In A Stop-Motion Film

    Greg Roberts placed three Peeps on his sleeping baby in a stop-motion film, a new world record. For those interested in... (more)

    Mar 25 GregR 2 comments United States
  14. #79

    Most Dots Drawn On A Page In Ten Seconds

    Using a fine point Sharpie, Tyler McKenzie draws 97 dots on a page in ten seconds, a new world record. He actually marked the... (more)

    Mar 30 TylerM 10 comments United States
  15. #80

    Most American Quarters Fit Inside A Belly Button

    Daniel Crouch squeezes eight American quarters inside his belly button, a new world record. His achievement beats the previous... (more)

    Apr 06 DanielC 17 comments United States
  16. #81

    Most Neckties Worn At Once

    Pushing the limits of both blood circulation and neck strength, Opus Moreschi[] tied a whopping 97 neckties around his neck at... (more)

    Jan 01 Opus 5 comments United States
  17. #82

    Most Vertical Feet Skied Uphill In 24 Hours (Female)

    Dina Mishev climbed 34,546 feet in 24 hours, a new world record. Using climbing skins, she repeatedly trekked up a 1502-foot... (more)

    Feb 19 DinaM United States
  18. #83

    Most American Quarters Balanced On Elbow And Caught

    JJ Lubinski balanced 20 American quarters on his elbow and caught them. Lubinski set the record at his San Antonio, Texas home... (more)

    Mar 27 JJL 12 comments United States