1. #46

    Farthest Long Jump On Grass

    Jordan L. performed a 208.7-inch long jump on grass.

    Mar 30 JordanLambiris 1 comment Australia
  2. #47

    Most Slaps To One's Own Face In One Minute

    Amit P slapped his own face 789 times in one minute.

    Mar 30 AmitPandey 2 comments India
  3. #48

    Highest Score In "Doge 2048" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 24,576 points in Doge 2048.

    Mar 17 JosephKenneally 14 comments Ireland
  4. #49

    Most Hits To The Face With A Pillow In One Minute

    Sam W. hit his face with a pillow 184 times in one minute.

    Feb 20 Samyie United States
  5. #50

    Most Push-Ups Performed In 10 Seconds Holding Two Six-Kilogram Dumbbells

    Muhammad I. performed 27 push-ups in 10 seconds holding two six-kilogram dumbbells.

    Feb 20 MuhammadIrfanMehsood 2 comments Pakistan
  6. #51

    Most Hits To The Face With A Pillow In One Minute

    Viktor O. hit his face with a pillow 167 times in one minute.

    Nov 07 Vito United States
  7. #52

    Fastest Time To Open A Water Bottle, Take A Sip, And Close It

    Record Setter opened a water bottle, took a sip, and closed it in 1.55 seconds.

    Aug 28 RecordSetter8 3 comments United States
  8. #53

    Fastest Time To Start And Stop An Online Stopwatch

    Justin D. stopped an online stopwatch in .005 seconds.

    Aug 14 JustinDix 24 comments United States
  9. #54

    Most Catches Juggling Three Balls While Kneeling On An Exercise Ball And Balancing A Book On Head

    Audi T. completed 394 catches while juggling three balls and balancing a book on his head.

    Jun 10 Audi 6 comments United States
  10. #55

    Most Folders Saved In A Computer Desktop

    Noah P. saved 3,750 folders to his computer desktop.

    Apr 22 NoahPlotkin 3 comments United States
  11. #56

    Highest Score In "Disney's Frozen: Olaf's Fancy Footwork"

    Stephen K. earned 45,071,082 points in Disney's Frozen: Olaf's Fancy Footwork.

    Mar 20 oddish196 3 comments England
  12. #57

    Most World Records Set In A Music Video

    Paramore set an official RecordSetter World Record by setting 10 world records within their "Ain't it Fun" music video. Click... (more)

    Jan 29 Paramore 47 comments United States
  13. #58

    Fastest Time To Eat A Cookie

    Jonathan C. ate a cookie in 8.80 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record... (more)

    Nov 25 JonathanClarke 7 comments Canada
  14. #59

    Fastest Completion Of Five Cartwheels

    Vaughan's son completed five cartwheels in exactly 4.00 seconds.

    Aug 27 VaughanPullen 9 comments England
  15. #60

    Largest Hair Combing Circle

    A total of 203 people from Camp Kaylie stood in a circle and brushed each others hair, creating the world's largest hair combing... (more)

    Aug 21 CAMPKAYLIE 3 comments United States
  16. #61

    Fastest Completion Of World 1-1 In "Super Mario 3D Land" (3DS)

    William D. completed World 1-1 in Super Mario 3D Land in 34.60 seconds.

    Aug 14 MaturedSinner 32 comments United States
  17. #62

    Fastest Time To Recite The English Alphabet

    Jordan L. recited the English alphabet in 1.97 seconds.

    Feb 27 JordanLambiris 24 comments Australia
  18. #63

    Longest Time On A Stop Watch

    Matt N. timed 29,564 hours and 50 minutes (1,773,890 minutes) on a stop watch.

    Jan 24 MattNiman 22 comments United States
  19. #64

    Most Unread Emails In Inbox

    Joey M. has 4,294,967,256 unread emails in his inbox.

    Dec 26 JoeyManansala 14 comments United States