1. #46

    Most Piggyback Rides Given To A Group Of Friends

    Gabrielle Dean and her friends were given eight piggyback rides at a mall.

    May 08 GabrielleDean 1 comment United States
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    Fastest Time To Take A Shower

    Daksh Choudhary took a shower in 33.18 seconds. He set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record... (more)

    May 01 DakshChoudhary 30 comments
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    Highest Score On Level 1-3 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

    Peter Mee earned 60,670 points on Level 1–3 of Angry Birds Rio.

    Jan 31 PeterMee 3 comments Wales
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    Most Inter-Species Sex Scenes Drawn In Three Minutes

    Eve Weinberg drew inter-species sex scenes in three minutes. She set the record at a RecordSetter LIVE! event held at Joe’s Pub... (more)

    Jul 14 EveWeinberg 1 comment
  5. #50

    Most People To Symbolically "End Cancer"

    During The University of Texas’ 40 Acres Fest,501 people symbolically “ended cancer.” Each participant was given a card that... (more)

    Apr 18 Texas4000 10 comments United States
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    Fastest Time For A 5-Year Old To Complete 50 Push-Ups

    Ronak Vitha completed 50 push-ups in 29.28 seconds at the age of five.

    Mar 03 RonakVitha 9 comments India
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    Fastest Time To Make 10 "Boner Bills" And Put Them Into Circulation

    Jake Bronstein made 10 “Boner Bills” and put them into circulation in 38.80 seconds. To make each Boner Bill, he wrote a “B” at... (more)

    Mar 01 JakeBronstein 3 comments United States
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    Fastest Time To Make A Turkey Sandwich

    Jacob Martin made a turkey sandwich in 12.20 seconds. The record began when he opened his cupboard to grab a plate, and finished... (more)

    Aug 04 JacobMartin 4 comments United States
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    Youngest Person To Ride A Motorcycle In 'The Globe Of Death'

    Maximus Garcia rode a motorcycle in a metal sphere known as The Globe of Death[] when he was four years, six months, and 28 days... (more)

    May 18 MaximusGarcia 14 comments United States
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    Fastest Time To Write The English Alphabet

    Mikey Dog wrote all 26 letters of the English alphabet out in 12.79 seconds.

    Nov 23 MikeyDog 10 comments United States
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    Most Ice Cream Sandwiches Given Away While Jumping No Handed On A Pogo Stick

    Matt ‘Ice Cream Man’ Allen gave away 30 free ice cream sandwiches while jumping no handed on a pogo stick. Allen achieved the... (more)

    Jul 28 MattAllen 1 comment United States
  12. #57

    Most Network News Sign-Offs In 30 Seconds

    Aaron Katersky of ABC news performed his news sign-off 20 times in 30 seconds. His feat beat previous record holder John Berman... (more)

    Aug 01 AaronKatersky 10 comments United States
  13. #58

    Most Strangers Marker Mustached In 30 Seconds

    Pascalle Lepas marker mustached 16 strangers in 30 seconds. Lepas applied the mustaches in less than 17 seconds but ran out of... (more)

    Aug 01 PascalleLepas 4 comments United States
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    Most Slices Of Bread Looked At In 10 Seconds

    OJ Borg looked at 19 slices of bread in 10 seconds, a world record. He had to flip each slice over one-by-one for it to count as... (more)

    Jul 24 OJBorg 1 comment England
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    Most Consecutive Tennis Volleys

    Ali Ghazzol and Mike Smith volleyed a tennis ball back and forth 14 consecutive times.

    Aug 03 AliGhazzol 6 comments United States
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    Oldest Wood Used To Make An Electric Guitar

    Joh Lang of Langcaster Guitars constructs guitars using wood that’s 35,000 years old. He’s used carbon dating methods to confirm... (more)

    Jul 31 JohLang 6 comments New Zealand
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    Most Nose Wiggles In One Minute

    Jake Friday wiggled his nose 117 times in one minute. #RecordSetterBook01

    Jul 28 JakeFriday 6 comments United States
  18. #63

    Fastest Time To Eat Three Saltines

    Chris Sponholz ate three saltine crackers in 49.02 seconds. He completed the feat without drinking any liquids. NOTE: Stuffing... (more)

    Jul 29 ChristianSponholz 10 comments United States
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    Most Socks On A Left Hand

    Ariel Hardin put 30 socks on her left hand at once, a world record. She performed the feat without any assistance from others.

    Jul 24 ArielHardin 5 comments United States