Juggling World Records

Juggling world records are enormously popular at RecordSetter. Hundreds of categories have been established, and if you can throw things in the air and catch them again, you've got a shot at beating any of them. Balls, knives, bowling pins and eggs feature prominently, but, if that seems too easy, check out the juggling records involving candy bars, beanbag chairs and traffic cones.

Other ways to add difficulty to juggling world records include standing on a rola bola, performing on a unicycle, or lighting things on fire.

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05:45 Australia

Longest Time Juggling A Juggling Ring, A Juggling Club, And A Juggling Ball (Junior)

Flynn Huisman

Flynn H. juggled a juggling ring, a juggling club and a juggling ball for five minutes, 25.26 seconds.

01:26 The Internet

Most Juggling Balls Flashed (Junior)

Juggling Riot

Juggling Riot flashed seven juggling balls. He is eight years old.

00:23 United States

Most Balls Juggled After Doing A Back Flip

Gray or

Gray juggled five balls after doing a back flip.

00:20 United States

Most Balls Flashed After Doing A Back Flip

Gray or

Gray flashed seven balls after doing a back flip.

00:03 United States

Most Balls Flashed On A Parked Boat

Gray or

Gray flashed seven juggling balls on a parked boat.

24:07 The Internet

Fastest Time To Joggle And Swuggle 44 Fruits And Vegetables

Joe Salter

Joe Salter joggled and swuggled 44 fruits and vegetables in 21 minutes, 32.00 seconds.

00:43 United States

Most Catches Juggling Three Balls While Lying Down In 30 Seconds

Adam Litwin

Adam Litwin completed 147 catches juggling three balls in 30 seconds while lying on his back.

00:48 United States

Most Catches While Juggling Five Table Tennis Balls

Vaughan Heussenstamm

Vaughan Heussenstamm completed 173 catches while juggling five table tennis balls.

02:36:11 United States

Longest Time Juggling Three Doritos Mix Bags


Benjamin juggled three Doritos Mix bags for two hours, 34 minutes, 6.00 seconds. The record was set as part of the Doritos Bold 50 campaign.

00:40 England

Most Drumstick Juggles In 30 Seconds

Marcus Anderson

Marcus A. juggled drumsticks 52 times in 30 seconds.

02:17 United States

Longest Time Juggling A Stapler And A Juggling Ball With One Hand

Josh Preast

Josh P. juggled a stapler and a juggling ball with one hand for one minute, 48.44 seconds.

01:34 United States

Most Consecutive Juggling Ring Spins On A Ring That Was Previously Spinning

Caleb Stockwell

Caleb S. performed 60 juggling ring spins on a ring that was previously spinning.

00:41 United States

Fastest Time To Circle A Pick-Up Truck While Juggling Five Balls

Vaughan Heussenstamm

Vaughan Heussenstamm circled a pick-up truck in 20.63 seconds while juggling five balls.

00:41 Scotland

Most Balls Flashed While Standing On One Leg


Luke Davies flashed 11 balls while standing on his right leg.

00:24 United States

Most Consecutive Catches Juggling Two Baseballs In One Hand While Balancing A Baseball Bat In Other Hand

Vaughan Heussenstamm

Vaughan Heussenstamm completed 33 catches juggling two baseballs in his right hand while balancing a baseball bat in his left hand.

01:07 Scotland

Most Catches Juggling Nine Balls While Balancing A Juggling Club On Nose


Luke Davies completed 12 catches juggling nine balls while balancing a juggling club on his nose.

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