Most Words Starting With The Letter \'P\' In One Tweet

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Most Words Starting With The Letter 'P' In One Tweet

United States

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States / September 16, 2009

Cameron Shurtz sent a tweet containing 47 words that start with the letter quot;Pquot;.


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  • The Internet Joseph Caswell

    Um, is that not all one word? Since when can you omit some sort of break between words? And he only used two. I say deny world record.

  • The Internet Mack Walker

    i agree if its worth anything... as is it is not breakable thus not a real "record"

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Note my comments on Cameron's 47 word submission in this category. I think we should deny this submission.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Fair observation, Truth. The criteria for Most Words Starting With The Letter 'T' In One Tweet is: CRITERIA TO BEAT RECORD: - no proper nouns permitted - repeating words not permitted To ensure consistency, I think we should add the same criteria to this category and consequently deny Cameron's record. Thoughts?

  • actually that's only one word.... pi

  • i think the following criteria should be added to this record: • must be real words (ie in the dictionary) • must be unique words

  • United States Patrick Hardin

    Well, in either spelling, it still begins with a P, so I say count it.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Awesome record, Patrick. Might be your best yet. Tough question, but I must bring it up: percussion is spelled incorrectly (perrcussion). Should we change the record to 17 words? I don't feel right approving a misspelled word.

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