Fastest "Word Alphabet" In A Toyota Prius

United States Prius Records


Los Angeles, California, United States / March 30, 2011

This record was set as part of Toyota Prius Records, a two-day event streamed live on the Internet. In a 48-hour period, URDB officials adjudicated 200 Prius-related world records. This was the most records ever documented in a 48-hour window, a world record in and of itself.

The event took place in Los Angeles, California on March 30th and 31st, 2011. See all the records set at the event here.

- must say a word that begins with every letter of the alphabet starting with "A" and ending with "Z"  
- proper nouns not permitted


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  • United States Simon Kirk

    Simon Kirk

    Right. That's what she said. Anything wrong that that?

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Peter Craig

    Impressive. What can I say? Can someone subtitle this? This is what I caught: "All Bad Cats Don't Eat Frogs, Gee. Hey, I'm Just Kidding! Listen Man, No OK People Quit Running So Tediously. Us Vampires Will Xylophone You Zebras!"

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Simon Kirk

    This is probably my favorite or second favorite Prius Records attempt.

  • United States Ella Morton

    Ella Morton

    I didn't expect her to create a sentence that actually made sense (sort of). Very savvy strategy.

  • United States Schuyler Van Horn

    Schuyler Van Horn

    'Us Vampires will xylophone you zebras' - I smell a meme a brewin!

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