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Longest Whistle

United States Josh Werner


Avon, Connecticut, United States / February 18, 2011

Josh Werner whistled for 37.00 seconds.

- no audible pauses permitted
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Aleks Shamles

    Aleks Shamles

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  • United States Said Koubaa

    Said Koubaa here is my whistle

  • United States Oscar Armando

    Oscar Armando

    In other exposition I wistle with my breath tongue and sky of my mouth try that en let me know you got born again but even if don't know how to do it you still my bro

  • United States Oscar Armando

    Oscar Armando

    Oscar Espinal in my Facebook I will star posting the light go crazy when I wistle the creador gets happy when I wistle and the low profile entities start messing with the light check that out if I sing same thing God bless continent American

  • United States Oscar Armando

    Oscar Armando

    I can do it with my tongue I need to prove I m 1 in 20 million from Honduras is hard to know who. Is doing that when I m doing please help I m immigrant in USA undocumented feels horrible if I can get this my way to wistle will be recognized I know I m unique because the ones who just to do it are not here I can singing and wistfully at the same time but that gets me in trouble cause some humans hate gifted people please contact me in Facebook

  • United States Dave Andy

    Dave Andy

    The rules to this challenge need to be changed to clearly state the whistle needs to be accomplished in one breath. The current record holder Piyush Jain can clearly be seen breathing in and out as he changes the tune with obvious breaks in the whistle.

  • United States Connor Pitchford

    Connor Pitchford

    Obvious audio pauses. He is clearly whistling while breathing in and while breathing out. If this counts, I can literally do this for an hour.

  • United States Keelan


    He's whistling breathing in as well as out

  • Spain Joan Martí

    Joan Martí

    The record have some audible pauses.

  • United States Richard


    Hey, can you try to beat this record next? thanks!

  • Belgium JoeNagy


    i agree it should be denied

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong


  • United States Bryson Pennock

    Bryson Pennock

    denied indeed

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Josh, I love your effort and creativity in inventing this category. That said, I don't think it's correct to call this a single whistle. There are several audible pauses throughout your attempt. I'd like to see you send in a new submission in which no audible pauses are heard. Until then, however, with sadness, I think this submission should be denied.

    • Spain Joan Martí

      Joan Martí

      Revise my video, There aren't audible pauses and only one whistle!

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