Longest Time To Balance A Boom Microphone On Two Fingers

United States

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Austin , Texas, United States / March 15, 2010

Sam Jaffe balanced a boom microphone on two fingers for two minutes, 9.80 seconds while recording live sound.

NOTE: This video contains adult language.

- must monitor sound while being recorded
- must use no more than two fingers to balance boom, with no additional support
- cable wrangler is permitted as long as they do not affect the balance


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  • United States james carey

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  • The Internet Dashiell Ridgway


  • oh hey sam. yeah it's a great name for sure. i want to note (unrelated) that the mic has a zeppelin attached, not a softie. i was nervous when being filmed. i don't like being in front of the camera!

  • Same Name FTW!!!!! If I had a boom, I would go for beating this. World record for number of times record beaten with the same name. http://urdb.org/Content/RecordDetail.aspx?d=280&attempt=326

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