Most People Complimented In 30 Seconds

United States


New York City, New York, United States / October 9, 2009

Anthony Jeselnik complimented 13 strangers in 30 seconds. Jeselnick set the record on October 2, 2009 in New York City during the taping of a URDB segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

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  • England leona margret

    Everyone love to get recognized and get compliments from others. We will not lost anything if you complement or appreciate anybody. This video tells about how it complimenting session taking part which is most people complimented in 30 seconds Vegan Diet

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Pass. :P

  • The Internet Michael Tapp

    I would like to see someone attempt this record on the streets of NYC!

  • United States Emily Patricia

    What a fantastic gesture!

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Note, this is a fork of the original, competitive Compliment record which was "one minute" The pace of late night TV being what it is and all...

  • mint! :D

  • That was fun to watch.

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