Longest TRX Two Medicine Ball Knee Tuck Push-Up Cadence Test

United States Alicia Weber

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Clermont, Florida, United States / January 21, 2014

Alicia Weber performed the TRX two-medicine ball knee tuck push-up cadence test for exactly five minutes.

- must perform exercise as demonstrated in the original video
- must attempt on a flat surface with TRX bands
- may only use 22-cm diameter medicine balls
- must keep each hand on medicine ball for duration of attempt
- must complete 15 reps of two medicine ball knee tuck push-ups each minute till failure or until one can no longer complete 15 reps in a minute
- one repetition involves two movements in this order: 1.) knee tuck 2.) 2 medicine ball push-up Only, allowed 15 reps a minute Score is calculated only by how many full minutes you can complete 15 reps in
- must hold a plank (hands on medicine balls and feet in TRX handles) for duration of attempt
- must provide video evidence


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