Longest "Trapeze" Yo-Yo Trick While Balancing On One Foot

United States Ryan Connolly


Stoughton, Massachusetts, United States / March 4, 2016

Ryan C. performed a Trapeze yo-yo trick for two minutes, 19.32 seconds while balancing on one foot.

- must perform "trapeze" as demonstrated in original record
- must balance on one foot for the duration of attempt
- no outside support permitted


Tags: balancefootstaminayo yoInternational YoYo Opentrapeze

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Indeed, it is deceptive. At our first world record appreciation society event, someone attempted to defeat this record but came up short. Think back to elementary school and remember how often the lead would get stuck in the sharpener and result in broken tips... But by all means, try to beat it.

  • That doesn't seem like that many...

  • I'm a teacher and I've been keeping in kids in at recess for years to sharpen pencils. I've seen thousands of pencils sharpened...but never have I seen 5 pencils sharpened so quickly. I am impressed.

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