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Most Text Messages Sent And Received In One Month

United States Andrew Acklin


North Olmsted, Ohio, United States / September 14, 2010

Andrew Acklin sent and received a total of 200,052 text messages in one month. He used two cell phones to achieve the feat.


- incoming and outgoing texts counted
- one month defined as "length of a monthly billing period"
- maximum of two phones may be used, both by the same person


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  • United States Luke Wallerstedt

    Luke Wallerstedt

    It's not really tainted, when twitter first came out we used it ass a text message chat room, if you will. All of us were in high school and if we needed to spread gossip or what not we would throw down on the twitter sphere. Twitter, now adays is tainted, it became the part of facebook no one cares about. You know the emo people crying or the crazy girlfriend posting how her mans cheating on him, and politician bashing each other. To set some things straight we lived in a big city our graduating class had over 1700 students and we had a massive pool of friends. One day we walked into his house and saw a box sitting on his porch (it weighed about as much as you think a snorlax would) We opened it, turns out it was his phone bill. It didn't stop there somehow during his record breaking Text run we discovered that his "unlimited" texting fell off. The phone company wanted over 40,000$ for that cell phone bill ( I cant remember the exact number but freddy would) Anyways, we knew he broke the record and had no idea where to post it until this web sight came up.

  • United States Andrew Acklin

    Andrew Acklin

    But no offense or anything. Congrats. and I look forward to beating ya ;)

  • United States Andrew Acklin

    Andrew Acklin

    See I'm kinda salty at that. When I set the record I did it not mass texting twitter or having all the messages come into my phone. I SENT them all to people. This record is tainted.

  • United States Luke Wallerstedt

    Luke Wallerstedt

    He's my buddy we did it talking on twitter when twitter mass texted lots of people

  • United States Fred Lindgren

    Fred Lindgren


  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Alex Cunningham

    Who wants to bet that's not really his last name?

  • United States Andrew Acklin

    Andrew Acklin

    hey nick. thats offensive. using that word. and anyways, it's all in the record.

  • United States Nick Jones

    Nick Jones

    That's retarded. He sent out 40 texts for every 1 he received. He's just the Oleg Nikolaenko of text messages.

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