Tallest Pillow Tower On Which To Perform Handstand


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Blakeview, South Australia, Australia / July 12, 2010

Peter Craig did a handstand on top of a stack of 10 pillows.

- pillows must be standard rectangular size (20"x30" or 50x75 cm)
- cushions and square pillows not permitted
- pillows must be stacked directly on top of each other (not criss-cross)
- pillows must remain stacked while completing the handstand
- pillows must contain standard fillings: feathers, foam, or orthopedic
- can be performed on carpet, rubber or cement (carpet or acrobatic padding is recommended for safety)
- handstand must show at least a full extension of the arms and legs


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  • Australia Peter Craig

    Yes I completely agree with you Dan... I was being a bit greedy and going for all the pillows I could find and couldn't even handstand on them convincingly, I could hold 3 seconds on 5 pillows so maybe we should cut it back to that so the handstand actually looks like one... I might resubmit? I agree that a minimum is required as is with other records otherwise it barely counts. I was being a little cheeky and was hoping the fact that it's barely a handstand would be overlooked, but obviously I didn't get away with it, proving your dedication to consistent verification!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Great record category, but should this handstand really be counted? I think we need a minimum length criteria, ie. must hold handstand for at least 3 seconds. Peter, your suggestion re: secondary measurement is a start, but we need a some type of minimum as a beginning point.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Hailey, yes the silk pillow slip and fluffy pillow below that made it too difficult... I should have done it with just the 8, it would have looked a lot better, the top two pillows ruined the attempt a little as it was too floppy and slippery. I need to try and find some better pillow cases and better pillows, but that's also part of the challenge that usually you just have to use what you've got.

    Also, I would say any attempt submitted for this record can beat the previous with the same number of pillows with the secondary measurement of time - if someone can handstand cleanly for longer they should own the title.

  • The Internet Hailey Luebbert

    Why would you put the silk one on top?!

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