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Most Straws Fit In Mouth At Once



Goregaon (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra , India / July 4, 2011

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya placed 800 straws in his mouth at once.


- straws must have a minimum diameter of 0.64 cm (0.25 in)
- once the straws have been put in the mouth, they must remain there for a minimum of 10 seconds
- once the bundle of straws has been put into the mouth, other straws can be added but they need to be inserted all the way into the bundle
- all straws must be held fully within the mouth for them to be counted


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  • United States Ian McGehee

    One by One!

  • The Internet Kellie S

    His mouth had to hurt when he was done I know my would

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    My friends say I have a big mouth. But then again, I think they mean I'm just really talkative.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Congrats on reclaiming the title, Dinesh!

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    By ONE straw!

  • India Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

    Suman Singh’s explanation is not satisfactory at all for my allegations. I don’t know why he hesitates to provide complete video of record attempt? This is not the way & accountability that if we have doubt then we have to count straws from this very short video which is impossible task. This is his responsibility to provide counting part. My raised questions were still unanswered. If he has ability to make this record then why not he repeat the same record in clear & fair way so after that I personally congratulate him for his record . But at this moment I am not satisfactory at all.

  • India Suman Singh

    Thanks for comments.Exact 1000 straws fitted in mouth and each one is clearly shown every body can count with the help of video.Straws and mouth clearly seen no rubber band and other material use in the act as rubber band is seeing in the previous record.

  • India Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

    I just came to know about by my straw record broken by an Indian fellow. I minutely studied the video & 3 main questions arise in my mind.

    1] Why initial part of record attempt in which how he stuffed 1000 straws not shown in this very short edited video. 2] Similarly why post record attempt part is not shown in this video. 3] Very important thing for any record is accountability. Where is vital counting part? I have doubt in nos. of 1000 straws. How moderators believe that these are 1000 straws?

    At the end of video, I clearly see that many of straws were not in contact with mouth area. Circumference of 1000 straws is a hugh thing & I can’t see his mouth opening abnormal. I have experience in past - when other end of straws is not tied by rubbers or thread then major portion of central straws were come out from mouth & only surrounding straws tied with rubber or anything were stuff in mouth. Same thing I see in this video. This is the reason why you can see any of past/current straw stuffing records in any other record organizations; both ends of straws were necessarily tightly tied by rubber bands/thread to avoid such tricks.

    I want to clarify that during my submission, I provided You Tube links of both videos of record attempt & counting part as my video was lengthy that time.

    Finally, I am not satisfied with this record attempt as it is not clearly done. Rest on you as I am bounded by your decision.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Dinesh, your questions are good ones, as is Cliff's below.

      Suman, can you provide additional video? This doesn't show the number of straws, or provide clear evidence that every single one was actually fit in your mouth. Please let us know your thoughts.

  • The Internet Jacob Santiago

    Hey u actually beat a guiness world record at 400

  • United States Clifford

    Nice record Dinesh! Was every straw actually in your mouth or were some inserted into the bundle but not in your mouth?

  • India Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

    Thanks Record Setter team for making this record video viral throughout the net world.

  • India Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

    This straw record is exact double of current Guinness world record.

  • India Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

    Brian, Dan Rollman, Dan Leatherman, Rob, thanks for your support

  • India Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

    Brian, thanks for such compliment.

  • United States Dan Leatherman

    Nice one Dinesh!

  • Canada Dan Rollman


  • United States Brian Pankey

    phenomenal! record of the year!

  • United States Simon Kirk

    This is ridiculous.

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