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Longest Staircase Slid Down In A Sleeping Bag

United States Noah Riffe


Snoqualmie, Washington, United States / March 13, 2012

Noah Riffe descended 11 stairs while in a sleeping bag.

- must attempt while seated
- must start with buttocks on first step
- must have lower torso entirely inside sleeping bag
- may not remain on any step (beyond original one) for longer than one second
- must provide video evidence


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  • England Unknown Cheese

    Unknown Cheese

    What the heck? I been sliding down 14 stairs all day and I can barely walk without pain. I been doing it in a sleeping bag, on top of a sleeping bag, and on top of a pillow (pillow was a horrible idea) Can nobody else not handle more than 11 steps?

  • United States Michael James

    Michael James

    One question, I have a set of stairs that goes down, hits a platform and turns and goes down more would I be able to pull myself down the 2nd set? Just need some clarification.

  • United States Noah Riffe

    Noah Riffe

    yes simon one that says WARNING sleeping bags can be dangerous when mixed with stairs

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Simon Kirk

    Should we have a safety warning on this one?

  • England Lacey Flynn

    Lacey Flynn

    cool that luks fun

  • England Lacey Flynn

    Lacey Flynn

    cool that luks fun

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