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Fastest Time To Sort A Deck Of Cards By Suit And Number



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / May 11, 2012

Ryan Stock sorted a deck of shuffled cards by suit and number in 22.60 seconds.

- deck must be shuffled at beginning
- must use standard 52-card deck
- aces can be high or low 
- must clearly show cards in order after feat is complete
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States MrCorvo

    How is this THE world record when the standing record on THIS site is 18 seconds?

  • United States Brandon Patterson

    Mito Chondrion that can be set up before hand and he can do a false shuffle. If he would have actually shuffled and didn't pre order the cards it wouldn't have worked.

  • United States Dylan Moloney

    this is obviously bullshit

  • The Internet Lucas Sewards

    fyi people im going to break this in less than 10 second tomorow. get ready

  • England Derry Last

    Cards were in order to start with. A riffle shuffle does not move the order of the values. Magiciains know this. Rubbish

  • The Internet Louis Wouters

    you cheated: the deck was in order at the beginning, then you cut the deck exactly between two suits and "shuffled" so that the order of each suit doesn't change. Then all you had to do was sort by suit and you were done.

    DE (wait for it....) NIED!!!

    • Canada Ryan Stock

      all rules followed to exact specifications, watch the video of the record I beat he did the same thing but failed to split them correctly. ap (wait for it) proved!!!

    • The Internet Louis Wouters

      It's not shuffling if the deck is in anyway set up to be in a kind of pattern. It should be all random, like the oter video's

  • The Internet Doug Pruden


  • Spain Juan Martínez

    Los que proponen en el programa de mi país Otra Movida. Proponents of the program in my country "Otra Movida". :)

  • United States Simon Kirk

    muy bueno juan. la cantidad de récords del mundo va a hacer?

  • United States Simon Kirk

    very good juan. how many world records will you make?

  • The Internet Dan Rufener

    Good work, Tyler!

  • Record denied due to improper ordering of cards.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Don, you win a URDB Eagle Eye Award. Great catch. I'm sorry Brandon, but we're changing this submission to Denied.

  • And yet, no video post.

  • Sorry, but it's not valid. The clubs are in the following order in the video: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 5, 8... Still, very fast.

  • this is bullshit i can sort 1 deck card in 30 second

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