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Largest Snapple Cap Collection

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New Lenox, Illinois, United States / November 12, 2010

John Schloegel has 123 Snapple bottle caps in his collection.


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  • The Internet Juke

    i have about 1000 bottle caps that are duplicates. Looking to trade some for missing facts...

  • The Internet The savage

    My grandpa and I collect Snapple caps and we have 5673

  • The Internet Sammy

    Chris I heard that there is a fact that says 30% of facts are not true I want to know if they're lying and what's the update on how many cAps you have?

    • United States Chris Free

      Hi Sammy,

      There have been different variations of this rumor floating around for well over a decade. The version I've heard is actually even more dramatic: some people claim to have seen a cap that says half of all the facts are fake:

      This simply cannot be true. If so many people have allegedly seen this cap with their own eyes, then why has no high volume collector (say, people with over 5000 caps) ever seen this cap?! I have ultra-rare caps in my collections and have never seen this allegedly "common" one.

      So, no, this cap doesn't exist. It's just fun for people on the internet to pretend it does! I haven't been very active with my collection in the past 5 years. I think I'm somewhere over 15,000 now.

      Good luck with your collection!


    • The Internet Sammy

      Also where do u get them from like if u see a cap on the street do u pick it up I got most of mine like that

    • United States Chris Free

      Hi Sammy, I did the majority of my collecting in high school (over a decade ago). I got the majority of my caps by going to the local recycling centers and sort through the aluminum/tin cans and bottles to look for caps. This was possible for a couple of years until the town upgraded to a more sensical container system. I also got caps from friends and family. My parents put collection tins out in their work cafeterias! Good luck with your collection!

    • The Internet Sharron Barnhill

      Chris, Just curious if you have a secure future for your caps... like a will or for safe keeping...something of that nature?

  • The Internet Sammy

    I have a collection I started in January when we had a party my great uncle was visiting and we had 4 snapples at the party so that's when I started my collection but my sister was drinking then she "decided" to start one now I have exactly 150

  • The Internet Rock

    Does anyone have any info about Snapple NFL caps? I found a bag of them in a drawer the other day.

    • United States Chris Free

      Hi Rock, Please email me at chris AT and we can talk about them. I don't have any of the caps personally but two other collectors I know have some. Between us, we don't know much about them! We'd love to hear what you have/know and see if you'd be interested in trading. ~ Chris

  • The Internet joe valenti

    hi im trying to help my dad get as many caps as he there any way that you might help>>>we have hundreds to trade with>>>i would give you two for one on any trades>>>>iplease respond

    • United States Chris Free

      Hi Joe, Yes! I would love to trade. I am especially interested in getting the recent WNI caps. Please email me at the email listed on my website ( under the "Contact" tab.

  • The Internet Skip Freet

    Chris - finally, a collection that rivals my own. Do you have your caps on a spreadsheet? I don't have 174 or 189 either - don't really exist, if you ask me, even though Snapple says there is nothing special about them. I'd like to discuss our collections sometime, but don't think this is the media to do that effectively.

    • United States Chris Free

      Hey Skip, I'd love to share my spreadsheet with you and share some ideas over the strange Snapple anomalies. I've been writing Snapple recently with some questions and have received some interesting answers. I'd love to hear about your collection and what you've learned. Visit my website at and press the "Contacts" tab. My email is listed there. I'd post here but I want to avoid getting spam. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • The Internet Skip Freet

      You should have mine - sent it early this morning - check your spam box.

  • The Internet Skip Freet

    I would love to know more about your collection. Have you put together a spreadsheet that shows all the caps (by color/promotion/fact numbers)?

  • The Internet Jake Kostman

    Nice - I see I'm not the only kid around who enjoys collecting caps. Try sending a letter to Snapple, I sent many and eventually I heard back and they sent me a customized cap... It was pretty cool

  • The Internet Breanna Janda

    That is amazing. I have been collecting Snapple lids for as long as I can remember. I have 317 that i can find and the oldest that I know of is from 2004 (beacuse of the play Snaffle thing). I'm hoping to hit one thousand when I'm 20. I even asked my parents for just Snapple bottles for my 16th birthday.

  • The Internet Jake Kostman

    what do you mean, "captions" ?

  • The Internet dan heary

    How many different "captions" are there on the Snapple caps ?. Does anyone know ?.

  • The Internet Jake Kostman

    yea, i've read them all and ik almost all of the facts by heart

  • The Internet Rosetta Thai

    did you read all of them?

  • The Internet Jake Kostman

    hey Jake this is Jennifer this is awesome you've been collecting for years and it's rly paying off XD

  • The Internet Jake Kostman

    lol, a lot but i get a lot of my caps from other people

  • United States Dan Leatherman

    I'd be interested to know how much money was spent collecting these.

  • United States John Schloegel

    I can try to take another picture, but how would I replace this one? I guarantee that they are all Snapple caps, but I will replace it with a more accurate picture.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Yep how can we be sure these aren't Pogs or wooden nickels? More evidence is necessary.

  • Canada Karen Wilkinson

    It's difficult to see if these are indeed all Snapple caps - do you have any close-up photos?

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