Most Sit-Ups In Two Minutes



Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India / June 9, 2014

Harsh Y. performed 115 sit-ups in two minutes.

- must lie flat on floor at bottom of sit-up
- must provide side view video
- partially completed sit-ups will be deducted from the final tally


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  • Germany Tony Ruggia It appears that this website is ignoring my record breaking attempts. Here is my video. I destroyed the record for sit ups in 2 minutes

  • The Internet Guy

    I did the presidents test at Wilmette Jr high in early 70s 7th grade 128 sit up an in 8th grade did 142 check it out... Wilmette Illinois

  • United States DanTNguyen

    These are actually called v-ups, much harder than sit-ups. Good form and very impressive!

  • India Manish Panwar

    This is Mr Harsh Yadav World Record Pl . currect it

  • India Dr.Ashish Mehta

    Harsh Yadav Badhiya - Dr.Ashish Mehta

  • United States Jenn Wark

    I think we need to discuss amending this one -- while it's a fantastic feat, these aren't really sit-ups as defined by most people. Fitness buffs, is there another name for this exercise?

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