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Longest Sideburn

United States Jon Siebenaler

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Polson, Montana, United States / May 27, 2009

Jon Siebenaler has sideburns measuring 8.5quot; in length.

The sideburns were documented on May 27, 2009 in Polson Montana. Kevin Gelinas served as a witness.

- measure length between top of ear and bottom edge of sideburn

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  • United States Richard Legere

    Richard Legere

    I recently measured my sideburns at 28.5" from the BOTTOM of my ear, so they would be a little more than 31" using the official rules. I was able to grow them to this length in less than five years:)

  • how long are they now

  • just stop tryin', i'm only 24 and i've already grown and chopped off two sets way longer than yours. I've begun to call them "hangers" as opposed to "sideburns" pictures are available randomly in my albums on http://www.myspace.com/mcsideburns

  • Thanks for the clarification, Jon. I think "top of ear to bottom of sideburn" is a pretty clear set of rules for others to follow.

  • United States Jon Siebenaler

    Jon Siebenaler

    They're still growing, this pic was taken months ago. I just submitted a new pic.

  • United States Jon Siebenaler

    Jon Siebenaler

    I asked that also, I measured from top to bottom of where my sideburns ended. As in top of ear straight down.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    How was this record measured? What constitutes the end of a sideburn and beginning of a beard? Feels too vague right now to accurately verify.

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