Fastest Time To Tie A Shoelace



Hamburg, Germany / October 16, 2011

Diego Fonseca tied his shoelace in 0.63 seconds.

- lace must be tied completely
- must begin with untied lace
- may use any kind of lace
- time starts when shoes are touched


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  • United States Ethel V

    He is really so fast tieing shoelaces. I take around 20 seconds to tie my shoelace. I am searching for information online regarding no wager casino because I am interested in playing real money games online. Can anyone over here please help me in searching for it online?

  • United States Austin Bailey

    I beat your world record

  • The Internet vivin.t

    i am in 25 to 30 milliseconds

  • The Internet Lucas Balz

    He already had the base loop in there, that's not a completely untied lace...

    • United States Nate Tower

      Agreed. The video production is great, but he doesn't follow his own rule that it must be a completely untied laced.

  • United States Alyjha Williams

    but i really love this video instant classic

  • United States Alyjha Williams

    when you pull the laces out thats when time should have started

  • The Internet Zach Neal

    That was so cool... HOW??

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Diego, this video is awesome. Fantastic production. Hope you'll create more like this.

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Very nice documentation! Congrats Diego

  • United States Emily Patricia

    this is one of the best videos I've seen. Congrats, Diego! Do you have plans for your next record?

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