Fastest Straitjacket Escape

United States


Newfield, New Jersey, United States / January 17, 2011

Matt Cairoli escaped from a regulation-sized straitjacket in 12.92 seconds.

- must use a regulation-sized straitjacket
- all straps must be tied when record begins
- timing stops when straitjacket is shaken to ground
- may use any type of straightjacket (Posey or otherwise), but all straps must be pulled tight


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  • United States Matt Cairoli

    Alex i know i will redo it if you want heres a slow one from last year

  • United States Alexander Dnimreven

    Brian is right also when a straight jacket is put on right his arms should be down by his bas and not across his chest. in this video he is all ready more than half way out of the straight jacket b4 he starts 2 escape. this does not qualify as a successful straight jacket escape.

  • United States Matt Cairoli

    at live event wanna seeif they will let me do a double jacket one

  • United States Matt Cairoli

    i hate gimmick straightjackets and plus the cost more whhy shill out the extra money for the fake thing

  • United States Matt Cairoli

    brian do u want me to?

  • United States Brian Pankey

    I don't think this record is legit. the jacket looks to loose to me. The only way to verify a real strait jacket escape is to do it live with a person tightening the straps at the beginning of the record

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