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Fastest Time To Set Ten World Records

United States Carl Cutler

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Round Lake Heights, Illinois, United States / June 3, 2011

Carl Cutler set ten RecordSetter world records in 44.68 seconds.
The records he attempted include:

-Longest distance to throw a deck of cards to a radio intern indoors
-Farthest distance to hit an onion with a banana
-Most thumbtacks stuck into a banana
-Most pips after spitting two dice
-Most pairs of scissors stuck into a chocolate bunny
-Most tubes of lip balm insulted
-Most unsuccessful attempts to change a woman into a man using a remote control
-Farthest distance to push a fedora on roller skates
-Farthest distance to putt a tennis ball into a door
-Most times ringing a bell while standing on one foot

- record attempts must be approved to qualify


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