Most Selfies Taken With Different People In Six Hours

Italy Simone Stunrise


Milan, Italy / April 12, 2014

Simone S. took 673 selfies in six hours, with different people appearing in each photograph.

- must take each selfie with a different person or group
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video montage that includes all selfies


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  • The Internet Michael Boland

    Michael Boland

    I noticed 18 same people, 2 cardboard cutouts, and 1 dog. Therefore, it should be around the 650 instead, which is still impressive but 6 hours is a long time if you live in a major city with a massive population and aren't shy about asking random strangers to take a selfie with you.

    • Italy Simone Stunrise

      Simone Stunrise

      I appreciate your courage in counting the photoes in such a detailed way. :D

  • United States Clifford


    Might be eligible for fastest facial hair growth in six hours???

  • Italy Simone Stunrise

    Simone Stunrise


  • The Internet Jenny Fry

    Jenny Fry

    damm, oh well nice one :)

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